Creative ways to stay busy during quarantine


Kayleigh Sternberg, a Jupiter High senior, practices yoga by the water.

Stuck at home? Probably. Bored? Most likely. This is the case for so many as we stay at home to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. We’re all in this together, so it’s important to find creative ways to pass the time. Here are five fun and inventive ways to keep yourself busy during these uncertain times. 

Create a Time Capsule 

A time capsule is a container that holds personal objects or belongings that is opened at a later time, usually years later. Creating one is a great way to bond with family, and it helps preserve memories in one, fun place. All you need is a sturdy container, several photos, a letter to your future self and anything you can think of that represents you and the things you like at the present moment. In your letter, make sure to include your hobbies and details on who or what is most important to you at the time. Also include any goals you want to accomplish. Decorate your “capsule” with paint, colored paper, sparkles, ribbon, seashells or anything you have around the house. Decide on an exact date or year to open the time capsule then decide on a fun place to store it for the months and years ahead. Plan a ceremony for the date you want to open it, and celebrate the memories!

Learn a New Language

Become bilingual or even multilingual while staying at home. Learning a new language enhances abilities and can come in handy when traveling or applying for a job. Apps like Duolingo, Babbel, HelloTalk and Rosetta Stone are good places to start. They all offer ways to improve  your language skills and can teach you Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, even Mandarin and Russian. According to an article in FluentU, a subscription site that offers language lessons through videos, “Acquiring a second language also improves your memory. As you learn to switch between languages, you improve your multitasking abilities.”

Try Yoga 

A few benefits of learning yoga include increasing your flexibility and muscle strength and reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga is both physical and mental. It uses breathing techniques, meditation and exercise to improve health and happiness. It is also very easy to find yoga classes or tutorials online. YouTube is a great outlet for online sessions, along with websites like and They offer free, follow-along classes you can do at home.  The intensity of yoga classes and sessions vary. Whether you choose a more physically demanding class or a relaxing, meditative class, your yoga journey will be a beneficial way to pass the time while at home.

Style It Up

“Upcycling” is a recent trend that involves using discarded or vintage pieces of clothing and transforming them into something new and modern. This is a great way to get creative and also save money, especially if you have old clothing or accessories collecting dust in the back of your closet. Fabric markers, rhinestones, patches and tie dye are just a few ways you can transform older pieces to something contemporary. For more inspiration, visit

Bottle It Up 

Decorating glass bottles is a fun and original way to occupy your time, and it’s trending among young adults. This activity is mostly done when celebrating something like a college acceptance or a birthday, but you can definitely do it celebrate any occasion. Any materials can be used to “dress up” your bottle, but the most common thing is sparkly rhinestones. Use tape and hot glue to adhere the rhinestones, glitter or ribbons. These decorated bottles make a great addition to a dorm room that will set your space apart from the rest. They’re also perfect for gifts for graduating seniors.