Creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 9, so now is the time to consider gift options for moms, step-moms or other motherly figures in our lives. With the pandemic, gift buying has had to be a bit more creative, so here are ideas for non-traditional gifts for the special mothers in our lives.  

Ring Necklace

Consider buying a ring necklace for your mom if she works in a field that requires her to remove her rings. Doctors, nurses, chefs and the like often have to take off their rings while working, and the necklace helps keep those rings in one place so as not to get lost or misplaced. Rings loop through the chain and fall through the pendant, keeping them secured while working. 

If she wears any rings, then this is a great gift for her. Options can be found on Amazon and Etsy and come in a variety of colors and styles. Prices range from $15-$30. 

Relaxing Diffuser 

Moms have busy schedules, so trying to find the time or the money for a spa day can be challenging. Diffusers, paired with essential oils, like lavender and eucalyptus, can create the spa-like atmosphere at home, an aromatherapy moment she deserves.

Diffusers can be found on Amazon or Etsy, along with essential oils. Most require a plug-in power source, and may come with a color-changing option and serve as a light source. 

Personalized Jewelry 

While jewelry is a nice gift by itself, adding a personal touch is a way to add a deeper meaning your mom will definitely love. Personalized jewelry can be found on Amazon or Etsy. Options include bracelets and necklaces, with names or monograms, in a variety of metals and colors, depending on the items chosen. 

One company, Moonglow Jewelry, has a wide variety of bracelets and necklaces with a moon pendant that can be personalized with a date. The pendant will show what the moon looked like on Mother’s Day or any other important date, like her birthday. 

LED Flowers 

Instead of store-bought flowers, invest in LED flowers that offer a colorful upgrade. These flowers can be solar, battery or outlet powered and come in vases, cases, and bouquets.

Buying a bouquet of LED flowers can be more cost effective than a real bouquet, which will have you investing from $50 and up. 

LED flowers come in a variety of colors and styles, like a single flower in a case or a bouquet. Prices range from $15-$50 and can be found on Amazon. 

Quality Time 

Because of the pandemic, quality time spent with a loved one is a gift in itself, especially on Mother’s Day. With COVID-19 restrictions slowly lifting, and with vaccinations on the rise, more places are opening up, especially outdoor venues. Take advantage of our beautiful area by visiting one of these places with mom, step-mom or grandmother the weekend of May 9.  

Go for a walk on Jupiter Beach, a bike ride in Riverbend Park, a picnic at Dubois Park or even a day at the Norton Museum of Art or Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Visit the for more ideas.