Our World in a Week: Sept. 6

Sept. 11 marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks:


Texas abortion ban: 

Texas’s new law bans abortions six weeks after pregnancy. The law went into effect on Wed. Sept.1, spiking controversy on social media. 

  • The Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion law in a 5-4 vote.
  • The law allows private citizens to sue anyone who is involved with women obtaining an   abortion.
  • Texas is not the only state who has tried to enforce abortion laws. Other states have tried but but have been challenged by abortion-rights groups and federal courts.
  • Multiple lawsuits and court challenges in Texas state court are targeting anti-abortion rights groups.
  • Anyone who is able to successfully sue a abortion provider under Texas law could recive a prize of $10 thousand.
  • The law gives no exceptions for victims of assault.
  • The Justice Department sues Texas over the new abortion law calling the law an “open defense of the Consitution.”

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New Orleans power outage after storm: 

After category 4 hurricane Ida hit New Orleans last week, New Orleans suffers power loss throughout the city. 

  • The last major parts of the city were not brought back online until Sept. 8.
  • Over 10 deaths resulted from the heat because of the power outages.
  • Out of all the American cities, New Orleans is the most vulnerable to climate change.
  • The Energy New Orleans Power Station developed a power plant that would quickly turn on power in some parts of the city after storms.
  • The power plant failed to provide power to the city after hurricane Ida, causing major controversy.

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International news:

  • International flights out of the Kabul Airport have resumed after the events in Afghanistan.
  • Doctors, nurses, cleaners and cashiers get French citizenship under a special pandemic program. France has now made 12 thousand of them citizens.
  • Lebanon gets a new prime minister, Najib Mikati, after facing the challenge of the economy collapsing.

Good news: 

A 100-year-old grandma set a Guinness World Record as a powerlifter and continues to win trophies