Iran and U.S. World Cup disputes


Iran State Media asked for the United States soccer team to be expelled from the 2022 World Cup on Nov. 25 due to online political disputes.

The U.S. Soccer Federation posted on social media an altered version of Iran’s flag, erasing the Iranian emblem in support of the protest for women’s rights. Iran State Media claimed the U.S. Soccer Federation “disrespected” Iran’s flag due to the significance of the emblem which represents those who fought for their country. 

Despite the claims made by Iran’s State Media, Iran’s soccer team refuses to sing their country’s national anthem at the World Cup in support of the protests. This part of the game was not aired on TV in Iran, as it is an act of defiance against their government. 

“They are doing a good thing standing up for women in their country,” Bijal Patel, junior, said. “Women are not heard like men are, so the soccer team supporting the women and protests is the right thing.” 

Following the claim, on Nov. 29 the U.S. beat Iran 1-0, eliminating Iran from the World Cup. Will Collins, junior, witnessed the winning point during his seventh period class. 

“It was the last five minutes of class, the U.S. team scored, and everyone went nuts,” Collins said. “It was an awesome moment when everybody was bonding over the U.S. team scoring.”

Ismail Grayeb, junior, watched the game in his dual enrollment class. Grayeb is not an avid soccer fan, yet he was drawn to the anticipation surrounding the game.

“The U.S. soccer team really embodies the patriotism of the U.S., and I enjoyed witnessing it live,” Grayeb said.

Collins has spent his recent lunch periods watching the World Cup on his Chromebook. The excitement around these games comes every four years when the World Cup airs live on the internet. 

“I enjoy catching up on the games with my friends at lunch,” Collins said.

The U.S. was eliminated from the World Cup after losing 3-0 to the Netherlands on Dec. 3. The U.S. later deleted the altered Iranian flag from social media.