SunFest 2023 lineup released


Photo provided by SunFest website

SunFest, an annual music festival held in West Palm Beach released its performance lineup late February. SunFest has been around for 41 years and still sells out tickets attracting fans from all over to experience the waterfront venue, live music, and foods. 

Many people take advantage of their volunteering opportunities receiving benefits such as free Parking, free admission, free food and drinks and an Official Team SunFest t-shirt. 

“It’s a fun gig to volunteer. I get to listen to music and don’t have to deal with the crowds,” Michael Deleonardo, coach and teacher at Jupiter High, said. 

The event attracts a large audience making it a fun lively experience for everyone. 

“I love going because a lot of people from our town go and it’s just a cool once a year thing to attend,” Lilly Gumson said. 

The venue attracts more than 100,000 guests each year and offers all kinds of activities. 

“There’s different stages where you can choose to go, there’s big stages and little stages and then there’s a bunch of food and stands where vendors sell clothes, purses and art,” Lilly Gumson junior, said. 

SunFest has changed dramatically since the beginning of its time yet many like that SunFest tries to reach all trends rather than focusing on one. 

“It’s bigger but it used to have a lot more art and I enjoyed that some years the lineups are better some years there not if you like country music your out of luck because there’s no country if you like straight rock and roll there’s very little of that so it’s a little limited in that sense,” Deleonardo said. 

For visitors coming from outside of West Palm attending SunFest, there’s also many places close to the venue with more than 100 Eatery items and activity interests, as well as the return of floating bars.  

“West Palm is a pretty great place, plenty of places you can get food, plenty of places to go shopping if you want to watch baseball games, there’s spring training games going on, there’s vegan restaurants, there’s good steak houses,” Brady Blanks, sophomore, said. 

This year’s main performers appearing at SunFest are The Chainsmokers, Flo Rida, Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley and The Killers. 

“I’m mostly excited to see boogie wit da hoodie he’s the only reason why I’m going he’s one of the main singers,” Blanks said 

Unlike most other music concerts, SunFest does not attend on giving refunds even if inclement weather occurs. 

According to the official website for SunFest regarding its rain or shine policy it states “If the weather forecast calls for rain, please bring rain gear and umbrellas.” 

Tickets can be purchased on the SunFest website.