Here’s what replaced Nick’s Tomato Pie


Amanda Mikulski

The updated design is attracting new business into the plaza.

In Aug. of 2017, Nick’s Tomato Pie, a Jupiter favorite, closed its doors. The restaurant was located in Sims Creek Plaza on Indiantown Rd., just east of Maplewood Dr. This vacancy has created opportunity for the plaza to welcome new businesses such as I Heart Mac-n-Cheese, Bolay and Urgent Care. Soon the plaza will also host Blaze Pizza.

Opened in the summer of 2018, I Heart Mac-n-Cheese features customizable mac-and-cheese bowls, grilled cheese and creative cookies. Patrons order by picking a type of pasta then adding a range of toppings. The franchise is based out of Ft. Lauderdale and is quickly gathering fans in northern Palm Beach County.

Sophomore Kelly Newcomer is an I Heart Mac-n-Cheese employee.

“I started working at I Heart Mac-n-Cheese when it opened. It is my first job and I love all the experience I have learned,” Newcomer said.

Bolay is a fast-casual restaurant that promotes a healthy and 100% gluten-free menu. Customers can create their own custom bowls, such as the popular “energy bowl” with Peruvian quinoa, baby spinach, smoky cauliflower, BBQ chicken, minted tomatoes and spicy Thai sauce. The Jupiter Bolay will join others in our area, including locations in Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

Senior Taven Forsyth went to Bolay’s grand opening on Feb. 22 and is a fan of the restaurant.

“The shrimp, broccoli and rice were my favorites. I didn’t know what to get at first but now I know what I will get when I go back,” Forsyth said.

Jupiter residents will have to wait on Blaze Pizza’s grand opening in the coming months.  Blaze is a make-your-own, fast-fired pizza restaurant that started in Pasedena, Calif. Customers can choose from a range of pizza options and tasty toppings, including a variety of meats, vegetables and gourmet cheeses. The custom pie is baked in a gas-fired oven for an average of three minutes. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options. The franchise is now in 48 states, Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Excited for the Jupiter location of Blaze to open, senior Aynsley Bartulewicz is eager to sample their vegan options, as she follows a dairy-free diet.

“Blaze was worth the drive to Gardens for the dairy-free cheese pizza. I can’t wait to have it down the road,” Bartulewicz said.

Other businesses in the plaza include M.D.Now, Uptown Art and, Cookie Cutters Kids Haircuts.


Update 5/15: Blaze Pizza is now open!