Warriors of Jupiter: Kim Jalm


Athletic director Kim Jalm shows off 2020 cheerleading championship medal.

Jupiter High School graduate and now Athletic Director Kimberly Jalm has worked with JHS for 10 years, advising in a number of activities and events. 

In addition to overseeing Jupiter High’s athletic program, Jalm helps advise the Employee Building Council, the Athletic Community Education club, the Student Advisory Council, the Warrior Athlete Mentoring club, and the Sports Management Club. Jalm also recently stepped up to coach girls’ varsity soccer.

“Being the athletic director is so much fun. It’s a hard job, but the results are worth it,” Jalm said. “There are many long nights. Some days, I feel like I have never left school.”

Despite the long hours, Jalm’s role as an athletic director allows her to attend both home and away games, be a part of all sports-related trips and cheer on the Warriors in challenging games.

“I’ve had the opportunity to witness some amazing games, travel to other schools to watch competitions, and take pictures that we use for yearbooks and our website,” Jalm said. 

As athletic director, Jalm found the perfect fit when she decided to oversee the ACES program, one that has had an important impact on her career as a teacher. ACES is a program for student-athletes designed to teach them leadership skills on and off the playing field. 

“As a former high school athlete, I wish I would have had something like ACES when I was in school,” Jalm said. “I was a very silent person and leader, and I feel like I would have thrived with ACES and learned a lot of skills I wasn’t able to learn until halfway through college and upon graduating.” 

Through ACES, Jalm has built personal relationships with her athletes which is reflected in her relationships with Jupiter staff who were once her teachers.   

“I have been able to build relationships with my athletes on a personal level, and as a graduate of Jupiter High School, I was immediately welcomed into the Warrior family,” Jalm said. “On day one, I had multiple mentors and teachers I could go to for advice. Many teachers checked in with me on that first day, and I’m glad that my experience has come full circle where my teachers are now my friends.”

Before taking over as athletic director, Jalm was involved in the Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy.

“I used to teach JERFSA and in my first year. I was not involved in too much on campus besides coaching softball, but eventually, I took over the Green School Initiative Club, and we continued JHS’s success as a Green School of Excellence,” Jalm said. 

While teaching in the Environmental Academy, Jalm took over as the JHS softball coach from 2011 to 2016.

“With the softball program, I helped lead the team to its first-ever FHSAA state appearance,” Jalm said. “We won multiple district championships and one regional championship.” 

Appreciating her success both on and off the field, Jalm is grateful to her JHS family for the “One Tribe” community. She treasures her time with not only the students but also her colleagues.

“I am extremely grateful that I come to work every day and am passionate about what I am doing,” Jalm said. “I love the people that I work with, and I love the students that I get to interact with. With the help of many friends and students, like my best friend, Gianna Grieco, the athletics department has been able to accomplish great things.”